Next Meeting:

January 1st


Lunch Room


Ms. Sarah Kern, a Malware Analysis Expert at MITRE will be giving a lecture on antivirus basics.

About Us:

Oakton's Computer Science and Cybersecurity (CSCS) Club is one of Oakton's largest and most prestigious clubs. During meetings, club members undergo interactive lessons and activities that broaden their understanding of technology, learning about various topics such as Encryption and Web Development.

In addition to enjoyable instruction, CSCS Club also offers its members many opportunities to further develop and show off their skills through events such as Hackathons and competitions such as CyberPatriot and a myriad of Capture the Flag tournaments.

Distinguished guest speakers also make appearances at meetings, giving members a chance to delve deeper into career opportunities and the professional world of STEM. One of our most recent guest speakers, Ms. Sarah Kern, a Malware Analysis Expert at MITRE, gave a phenomenal introductory-level demonstration on Static Analysis, a presentation that club members thoroughly enjoyed.

As the Computer Science and Cybersecurity Club of Oakton High School, we believe that it is our duty to make students feel welcome in the world of STEM and can freely and safely explore the expanses technology. We welcome all students with open arms and ensure that individuals are comfortable, no matter how unfamiliar they are to computers.

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Not-So-Quick Links:

Java Beginners / AP CSA

Runestone Academy - A free resource with great supplemental lessons and practice for each unit as well as the AP exam (Mr. Lau recommends it)

Previous AP Exams - Free response questions from previously administered AP Computer Science A exams

Coding Bat - Practice Java concepts with many practice problems. Gives hints and tests your code

Stack Overflow - Find answers to programming questions - literally anything & everything